Even unicorns need to get adjusted every once in awhile.

For lgbtq-identified folx searching for affirming chiropractic care, we are a queer-owned chiropractic practice that provides an inclusive space for your body to heal and thrive. While every body is unique, we hold space, provide resources, and help queer identified, trangender, and non-binary folx navigate their health specifically in  the following:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Gender dysphoria

  • Pre/Post gender affirmation surgery

  • Chest Dysphoria

  • Family Planning

As a queer identified chiropractor, I understand the experience of a queer person at a doctor's office. At Patchworx, we understand the importance of a safe space, what that means, and how to create it. We offer a dedicated space for queer, transgender, and non-binary folx by using gender affirming language, not asking weird questions, and taking the awkwardness out of your doctor's visit.

You belong here.